Yuen Yung Lee  Storytelling through expressive typography and visual vocabularies. Currently based in Hong Kong.

Selected Works

The Shed    The Shed provides hands-on experiences and seasonal programmes that encourages kids and young people to deepen their connection to themselves, the community, and to our planet.
The Golden Generation Zine    A tribute to Chinatown and a celebration of cultures. The zine is a celebration of cultures finding their footing in parts unknown as well as a place of gathering for a community to share, create and thrive together.

Serakai >     Early in 2023, a capital and real estate company — then known as Seradac — needed support in coming up with a new name and identity that reflected its world-building goals as well as its optimism about creating a vibrant future.

Spin n Smash    A one-day ping pong tournament centred around community building and generating revenue for a good cause. The key visual is a nod to retro varsity aesthetics and table tennis-inspired graphics.
Kinsman    A Cantonese cocktail salon for past and future.

Luv Typeface    Over the summer of 2023 I created a typeface called Luv. Luv is inspired by Hallmark’s psychedelic sticker pack “Luv Letters”, paying homage to the unique styles of psychedelia prevalent in the 60s and 70s, namely for its wild typography and counter-culture graphics.

Typeface is still WIP and aims to launch 2024 with a sticker pack.

Between    Between is a specialty cafe concept rooted in coffee, community and culture. A cultural destination with food and beverage serving as the connective tissue in its forays into art, fashion, design, music, and technology.

Cultur3Cultur3 Capital sits at the intersection of deep crypto, internet-enabled tribes, and traditional finance. They bring communities and cultures together via Tokens.

Yayoi KusamaExhibition identity for the biggest retrospective of the artist outside of Japan. 

M+ Museum’s map     M+ Museum is Hong Kong’s first contemporary art museum.  The museum’s first map was debuted in November 2021 on its opening night after two years in the making. The biggest challenge of this project was to create clean drawings of a massive, complex space, while having little to no access to the site. At the beginning most of the work was done by referencing architectural drawings and word-of-mouth information. Assigned to me on my first week, I kept almost all physical printouts and sketches from review sessions with our in-house team. Seen here are the final books (in three languages), and the evolution of the drawings.

100X >   Identity design for a conference exploring the topic of the convergence of digital technologies. Full case study coming soon.

Adam Studios > Internal rebrand of a creative agency based in Hong Kong. 

Coherent    Coherent  is a key industry player in insurtech, keen to spark change and make the sector brighter, simpler, and more inclusive.

Adam Studios > Various design bits for Adam Studios