Yuen Yung Lee   Graphic designer from Hong Kong currently based in Tokyo.

Golden Generation Zine

A tribute to Chinatown and a celebration of cultures.

Creative Direction
Print Design
Print Production
Website Design

In collaboration with MAEKAN

In celebration of AAPI Heritage Month and San Francisco’s Chinatown, Nike released a pack featuring a Dunk High and Air Force 1 Low, honouring the people, values and culture that helped build one of the largest Chinese communities outside of Asia. Leveraging on this campaign, together with MAEKAN, we curated “The Golden Generation” zine. The Golden Generation zine serves as an extension of Nike’s project, leaning towards the growing excitement amongst Asian Americans. Presented by The Darkside Initiative and MAEKAN and with special thanks to Nike, this zine is a celebration of cultures finding their footing in parts unknown as well as a place of gathering for a community to share, create and thrive together.

The zine captures the experience of eight Asian American creatives and is composed of stories/interviews editorially directed by MAEKAN. To capture the spirit of each story, we collected personal artifacts, clippings, and behind-the-scenes insights to help a craft unique story of each individual.

The book was released during AAPI Heritage Month in San Francisco’s Chinatown. In addition to printed matter, a custom microsite was designed and hosted on MAEKAN. Visit: mae.kn/gg

The Shoe

The Dunk High 'Gold Mountain' and Air Force 1 is inspired by San Francisco’s Chinatown, the first and oldest Chinatown in North America. San Francisco is often known as 舊金山, or Old Gold Mountain, which inspired the sneaker to feature colourways that nods to the California landscape. The city helped build one of the largest Chinese communities outside of Asia. Throughout history, the community has faced natural disasters, crime and instability to anti-Asian discrimination and violence – the bonds between its residents grew stronger as it worked together to overcome and endure.

On the Air Force 1s, the bright pink gradients seen on the heel and the Nike Swoosh is inspired by the lotus flower, a flower that is known to “flourish in even the harshest conditions”. Other colors such as gold and the blue on the outsole represent the hope that Chinese immigrants carried with them as they arrived in California during the Gold Rush of the late 1800s. Naturally, the zine design features colourways inspired by the shoe pack.

Microsite    A custom microsite was designed and hosted under Maekan.com

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