Yuen Yung Lee   Storytelling through expressive typography and visual vocabularies. Currently based in Hong Kong.


Between is a specialty cafe concept rooted in coffee, community, and culture. A destination that blends the progressive world of food, art, and unique experiences.

Creative Direction
Social Media

Photography by Adam Studios

The goal of the rebrand was to create a visual identity that stands out within the landscape of Hong Kong cafes. The work included defining typography, colour palette, imagery direction and web design. The new identity was launched in tandem with the cafe’s newest location in Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui.

The flagship store is situated in a museum “between” two art gallery floors. Conceptually, the brand explores the whitespace between cultural pillars, with food and beverage serving as the connective tissue in our forays into art, fashion, design, music, and technology.

Resembling a coffee bean, the logo is informed by the cafe’s core offering and experience. The logo also pays homage to the old logo of a saucer and cup.

Between partnered with Grocery, a local lifestyle apparel brand to create uniform and merch.

The interior design of the store is informed by the new branding. The countertop uses terrazo in Between’s signature blue. Digital menu and packaging are in line with the new typography and colour palette system.

The photo direction is bold, natural, and candid. The high-contrast and vibrant imagery style aims to uniquely position Between in a cafe landscape that is typically hyper-minimal and clean. Lifestyle imagery highlights the freshness of the menu as well as the vibrancy provided in Between’s curated spaces.

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