Yuen Yung Lee   Storytelling through expressive typography and visual vocabularies. Currently based in Hong Kong.

The Shed

The Shed provides hands-on activities and active programmes for children and young people. The Shed needed a refreshed visual identity that spoke to a young audience while retaining a level of adaptability that can support any application, from programme brochures to swag items to apparel.

Creative Direction
Product Design

The Shed provides hands-on experiences and seasonal programmes that encourage kids and young people to deepen their connection to themselves, the community, and to our planet.

At the center of the brand is a family of imaginative characters called The Shedders. The Shedders sit across brand materials to form a playful and familial personality to the brand. These characters are often engaged in forms of play, hands-on experiences and as active participants of community. In a culture that emphasise scores and accolades, The Shedders carve out a world of their own, creating tools and curriculums that focus on being aware of self, others and the world. Beyond the brand, the characters become collectible keepsake items for kids, appearing in programme certificates and pins.

Colour plays a significant role in the brand. The Shed’s programmes are structured around the four seasons, we introduced a vibrant colour palette to represent summer, autumn, winter and autumn. Each was carefully selected to ensure they feel gender-neutral when applied across educational materials, swag and apparel.

Created with Adam Studios
Featured on Fonts in Use

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